low pressure WNS type 1500kg steam boiler

low pressure WNS type 1500kg steam boiler

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    Munchkin MC Series Boiler (Munchkin Contender) - Wall-Hung, Gas-Fired. This model is discontinued, but we offer most of the replacement parts for this unit. Download Literature: Loading times will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. After the download is complete, use your browser's back arrow to return to this page Learn More

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    Munchkin MC Series Boiler (Contender) Parts, Controls, and Accessories Models MC50 - MC120, 925/926 Series* We stock the most common Munchkin Boiler repair parts, vent kits, etc. Other Munchkin parts can be special ordered. Please select your boiler's model number for the appropriate parts list (your model number can be located on your unit).Learn More

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    The Munchkin and the Trinity are 2 boilers that are stocked locally. Along with pricing that is why I was considering them 1st. He was a factory authorized repair agent. He became very dis-heartened because of parts availability. The newer Contender is wall hung and does not have the out door reset, but can easily be added.Learn More

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    Directory: Catalog > Boilers & Water Heaters > Heat Transfer Products (HTP) > Parts. Parts for the Munchkin Contender MC50 Boiler. Match the Item # on the chart with the same Item # indicated on one of the three line art diagrams below the chart. Items not currently for sale on our site do not have yellow links and are marked with an asterisk.Learn More

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    Mar 27, 2014 · The boiler does cycle off and on, and it's a long on cycle and short off (45 minutes on, 5 off). The cut out temperature is a little over 190 and the cut in looks to be around 140. The boiler goes from 140 to about 175 pretty quickly (5 minutes) then slowly climbs to the cut out temp. This is with all zone calling for heat.Learn More

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    This boiler must be installed by qualified and licensed personnel. The installer should be guided by the instructions furnished with the boiler, and with local codes and utility company requirements. In the absence of local codes, preference should be given to the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 – latest edition. INSTALLATIONS MUST COMPLY Learn More

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    399M NAT Munchkin 399MBH A5ME Floor 1400·50 1400·50 49·200 Job 5pecific LTA120 03 Included Included NAT QC264165 LPQC 264116 QC 252237 P21ndirect Contender Model Description Pi Boiler Circ Circ Air 5eparator Expansion Tank Outdoor 5ensor Indirect 5ensor All Wall Mounted MC50 NAT Contender 50MBH 00RM5F 49·100 HTX30 LTA120503 7250p·325 7 Learn More

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    Aug 01, 2007 · As to the circ issue, a Munchkin 140 requires a minimum flow rate such as provided by a Grundfos 26-64, Taco 0010, or a B&G NRF33. The 15-58 is simply not designed to move that much fluid and you're "perking" your fluid as it goes through the boiler. Not a good thing if you're expecting normal service life from your boiler.Learn More